About Us


With more than 30 years in the business, Techno-Coat is built on quality, reputation and customer service. We have a deep knowledge of the powder coating industry, experienced employees and low turnover, and strive for excellence in every facet of business. Our three powder coating lines offer a mix of automatic and manual applications, and we have invested time and resources in technology and lean manufacturing to drive efficiencies and address various production and packaging needs of our customers while remaining cost-competitive. We can fulfill low-volume, high-variety orders, offer CNC and light assembly capabilities, and specialize in integrated logistics to best meet your needs.


Founded in 1983 in Holland, Michigan, Techno-Coat’s 98,000-square-foot facility houses three powder coating lines. It doesn’t matter if it’s for furniture, automotive parts, or exercise equipment, we can powder coat, package and ship a wide range of components, die castings, steel tube fabrications, aluminum extrusions, stampings, wire goods and sheet metal parts.

  • 1983

    Founded by Ike Vande Wege and Mike Wiersema in a 16,000 sq ft building on Lincoln Avenue in Holland

  • 1985

    Added 2nd 7,700 sq ft and 2nd paint line

  • 1992

    Built 50,000 sq ft 40th St facility Added Line 3

  • 1996

    Added 39,000 sq ft to 40th St, Added Line 4

  • 2013

    Added 8,900 Sq ft to 40th St
    Vande Wege family becomes sole owners of Techno-Coat

  • 2014

    Ross Vande Wege becomes President

  • 2015

    Upgraded washer and automatic spray equipment on line 2

  • 2016

    Added CNC machining capability

  • 2017

    Upgraded ovens on Line 2

  • 2020

    Upgraded Line 3 and Line 4 washer systems


We are happy to assist you in any way we can.   


Techno-Coat offers you a team-oriented environment where everyone’s ideas and efforts are valued. Our employees take pride in their work, and we take pride in creating an enjoyable, energized workplace.

We value respect, courtesy and professionalism. We conduct our business with employees, vendors and customers according to the highest standards of ethical conduct.