Powder Coating


Powder Coating is where we started 30 years ago, and is still the core of our expertise to this day.  Techno-Coat offers a variety of Powder Coating services to enhance and add value to your customer experience. Our combined industry experience and technical capabilities allow for customization of every order. We are able to recognize special masking needs and can design tooling to assist in the process. Our three Powder Coating production lines and a batch line provide us with a high degree of scheduling and product flexibility.

While powder coating is our specialty, custom machining, assembly, packaging, labeling, tracking, and logistics are major reasons why we can be your total product fulfillment supplier. When our customers demand quality, quick turnaround, and sophisticated integration with their process and technology systems, Techno-Coat can deliver. We ensure that you are satisfied with the Powder coated product and any supporting processes they require.


Additional Services

Techno-Coat is focused everyday on being the best Powder Coating company in Michigan.  While much of our focus is on our Powder Coating, our main focus is on servicing you the best we can.  In order for us to help our customers improve lead-times, reduce inventory levels, and be more competitive in their industries, we offer additional services to strengthen the supply chain.  If your powder coated product needs machining, light assembly, or uniquely integrated supply chain solutions, we can help.  Our goal is to make you more competitive and successful with your customers.


Our assembly and packaging capabilities continue to grow and expand.  We have the ability to add value to Powder Coated components by performing light assembly and packaging, thus eliminating the need for secondary suppliers to complete the product.


Techno Coat has invested in CNC Machining in order to offer additional value to our customers beyond our Powder Coating services.  Opportunities to Machine and Powder Coat within the same facility can provide additional efficiencies in the supply chain.  This is another way Techno-Coat is providing more value to our Powder Coating customers.


Our proprietary, customized web-based ERP system allows us to effectively handle the variety of changes in the world of our customers powder coating needs. Product is accurately tracked and monitored through our manufacturing operations. Inventory reports, carton labels, packing lists and invoices are generated automatically and communication is up-to-the-minute and accurate.  We developed our own system to meet all the needs and expectations of our customers.


We are happy to assist you in any way we can.   

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