T-Coat Advantage

T-Coat Advantage

We are very proud of our outstanding, industry leading customers that are representative of the quality level we produce with our powder coating processes.  Customers like Herman Miller, Harley Davidson, Mack, and more have very high expectations for quality, delivery, improvement, and the overall way that we conduct business.  Providing services to customers that expect us to improve every year has helped us create a competitive advantage over our other powder coating competition.  We like to call it our T-Coat Advantage.  The T-Coat Advantage summarizes why so many industry leading companies want to do business with us and why you will too.

01. High Quality Reputation

The first thing that typically brings a potential customer to Techno-Coat is our reputation for high quality product that we provide for our current customers.  We are ISO 9001 2015 certified, Herman Miller SQP gold 10 years running, Steelcase approved, Harley Davidson approved, Honda approved, and Volvo truck approved. Our Powder Coating processes are state-of-the-art allowing us to meet the most critical quality expectation. Your product was designed to look amazing, and we will keep it that way.

02. Family Oriented

Business in many ways extends beyond the simple transaction of producing high quality parts and delivering them to the customer. We build relationships with our customers, employees, and our community that reflect the way we do business.  We work to be accessible at all levels for our customers and employees so that when a business need arises, we are all ready to work together to work on it in a quick and effective manor.  Many of our employees have been with us for years, and we show our appreciation for all employees with steak lunches, quarterly meetings, and relationships that extend throughout the company, including leadership. We work to keep our employees fulfilled so that they are focused to provide the best service possible. We also give back to the community and donate to more than 20 local organizations.  All of this creates a Family oriented environment so we can be the best powder coating company in Michigan.

03. Operational Excellence

We have built continuous improvement into our culture. As a company, we are always looking for ways to streamline our process and have continued to invest in the latest technology and industry innovations to control costs and deliver quality products the first time, every time, and on time.  All of our employees spend time learning about continuous improvement and how they can help within Techno-Coat.  We have experienced leaders who have been practicing Continuous Improvement for many years and have learning from some of the best coaches in the industry.  Continuous Improvement commitment starts at the leadership levels and is filtered through the organization through daily expectations and overall business strategy.  At Techno-Coat, we don’t just Powder Coat your part, we develop your supply chain and help you compete every day.

04. Customer Focused

We understand the value of our customers.  We are focused on how to improve our service to our customers through innovative process design and solutions.  We start with how to best serve your powder coating needs and then expand to understand the customers needs for their entire supply chain.  Specific quality needs, creative packaging, unique logistics and delivery methodologies or any other additional services will be looked at to help our customers.  We also offer light assembly and specialize in integrated logistics to best meet your needs and those of your customer. We credit our success to continually finding ways to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations – every day and in every way.


We are happy to assist you in any way we can.   


Techno-Coat offers you a team-oriented environment where everyone’s ideas and efforts are valued. Our employees take pride in their work, and we take pride in creating an enjoyable, energized workplace.

We value respect, courtesy and professionalism. We conduct our business with employees, vendors and customers according to the highest standards of ethical conduct.